This is the space I’m constantly in now. makin that pig butt

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look who I get to share a pillow with

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boo boo kitten the cat appreciation post

-booboo-     -kitten-     -the cat-     -appreciation-     -mine-    

half a mg of xanax setting me straight. the neighbors right next to Sammie’s apartment have these cute little school projects taped on their door. it made my day :~)

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I’m poopin at school. yeah you can kinda see my peach, but my fuzz covers er up and I just don’t care today

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my babies bloomed overnight. the shortest one still hasn’t opened up but oh man, this is so exciting for me. my favorite flower that I grew myself staring me in the face :~)

-sunflower-     -flowers-     -sunshine-     -love-     -mine-    

house sitting with puppp, I love being in people’s beautiful homes. I had such a good time waking up and watching the Simpsons marathon.

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my sunflowers are about to open up :~)

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kellyesauce feat. enema pussybreath (in action)

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this is my booty appreciation post. I love my average ass. I have a birthmark in the shape of Africa on my right ass cheek, and I have acne scars on both. appreciate your own booty, love the booty. I’m not putting pants on today.

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these are my windowsill children.

-mine-     -plants-     -succulents-     -babies-     -green-    

my happy place is literally right outside my front door

-porch-     -beautiful-     -surrounded by plants-     -plants-     -babies-     -growth-     -progress-     -mine-     -sunshine-    

I am surrounded by plants. I have these two pretty babies/all my rocks/in my windowsill. then right outside you can see my sunflowers :~) which are nearly 4 feet tall now!! plants are friends AND food. there we go

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